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Students Say.... 

Anne's online Yoga classes are a wonder tonic for the covid blues! Anne was so great helping me back to yoga after a broken shoulder in the first lockdown. 

                                         - M H



Teachers at Yoga Spring are patient and demonstrate poses carefully, checking you are doing them correctly. I like the personal attention and always look forward to classes.

                                           - A G

I started yoga following a breast op which left me with reduced movement in one arm and shoulder. Classes have been brilliant in helping improve this mobility as well as getting the rest of my body in shape. 

                                           - S H

I have been attending for 2 years now and thoroughly enjoy these delightful classes. Best of all my back, which has been a problem for years, is no longer painful. It is like a miracle.

                                            - A C

I find the classes a peaceful process, sometimes demanding, always revitalising, safe and well-structured. I can kneel right down now, which I couldn't do before. I feel much more stable and flexible in my joints.

With a carefully prepared Thought for the Day

you always leave enriched in some way.

                                        - K H-B




















I have noticed huge progress doing yoga twice a week online over the last year. It has improved my bendiness, posture, stability and ability to touch my toes. The mental and emotional challenges of lockdown have been alleviated by her cheery face and thoughtful aphorisms at the end of each class. These things have buoyed us all along as we strive to get through this together and out the other side...Yay!  

                                      - M B


After a yoga session I always feel as if every joint has had a dose of WD40 and what was stiff and aching is now soothed and ready for action. My hamstrings are definitely getting longer!   

                                       - C M


I started with Yoga Spring over 2 years ago and I haven't looked back! I was generally stiff and unfit and used to get lower back and neck pain. Even going downstairs was bit of a challenge. Now I am able to garden on all fours for hours without any ill effects. I spring down the stairs in the mornings! Mentally I am much stronger too...I can now brush off any odd upsets. My sleeping is also better. 

                                          - M L

I took up yoga as a gentle form of exercise post breast cancer surgery. It has been transformational on a physical, mental and emotional level and I love it! Inspiring, uplifting and effective. 

                                         - M B





Doing yoga has been marvellous! And the classes have a lovely friendly atmosphere. When I started 2 years ago I could hardly get up off the floor. I was so unfit and found even the simplest tasks a trial. Now after 2 lessons a week, I find I can do things that I never thought would be possible. 

                                      - O M H

I have been attending yoga on and off for 40 years. During this time I have also had chronic lymphoma and recently heart disease. Yoga has given me a positive attitude towards my health problems. I've learned how to relax and stay flexible. The classes with Yoga Spring encompass everything I need. I find the use of supports particularly helpful. 

                                       - H J

A year ago I was in acute pain and unable to move. Although I saw a physio I was still in pain and having mobility problems. I was determined to come off the strong pain killers and get my body back. After attending twice a week, I am now almost completely pain-free and my whole body feels alive and young again! Amazing!

                                         - M H





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