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Anne Sutherland began hatha yoga and meditation some 45 years ago. She qualified as a yoga teacher with the New Zealand School of Yoga. In 1998 she moved with her family to Australia where she managed the Dynamic Yoga studio in Sydney for 10 years. She taught some 3000 students in that period, as well as employing several other teachers and training two more. 



During that time she studied with many international senior teachers in yoga and meditation. Her studies have taken her many times to India on retreat as well as doing regular workshops with visiting teachers. Anne began teaching in village halls in the UK in 2014. 



Anne has a unique teaching style grounded in her foundation of Iyengar and Hatha yoga. Various props like blocks, straps, bolsters and chairs are used in class to secure alignment in poses in ways that keep it safe for all bodies. 

Class Options

Most classes are online as students live in many different counties. Besides the one hour yoga sessions, Anne also offers weekly chair classes of 30 mins. These are open to all and are modified yoga poses for those working with an injury or just seeking a quick stretch. One can alternate between the yoga and chair options if desired.


Private & Hall Classes

Also, included in term fees are a free private 1-1 online session to look in depth at any asanas needing improvement. This is invaluable should you need help with a recent injury or complication. Besides online classes, hall classes happen regularly each term to monitor your practice. 


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