How do enrolments work?

Classes are run for several weeks with terms of usually 8-15 wks. Students enrol for a course paying for all classes in advance. If you have to forfeit a session due to illness or travel, this can be made up at another venue as a Make Up class so you can maintain a regular practice. Please email or text teachers to notify of any changes. Please note there is no casual attendance.

What about an injury?

Everyone is working with something. You don't have to be flexible to do yoga. The use of props like chairs, blocks and straps help modify the asanas for each person's range of movement. Should you be recovering from an operation or recent injury always contact us to discuss. Even a gentle practice can be excellent for returning circulation to a particular area of the body to assist healing. ​​

Can I have a Private Class?

Yes...Although the fee is higher for personal tuition, sometimes this may suit you better. If you are new to classes this may prove a gentle introduction. Or perhaps you travel frequently and require an individualised practice sheet based on your body's needs. Or it may just suit your lifestyle better. ​


What do I Wear and Do I need to Bring Anything?

Wear something comfortable to move in like light trackpants, tights and a tee-shirt. All classes are done in bare feet. Please bring a yoga mat and a blanket for the restful pose at the end. Mats can be purchased at £15 each and bolsters for £35 which is a discounted rate due to bulk buying. All other equipment is provided.