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How do enrolments work?

Classes are mostly online & terms are usually 10-12 wks.

Students enrol for a course paying for all classes in advance.

All classes are live and are not recorded.

Hall classes have a small surcharge of £5.

I'm not very computer does it work?

All classes are done on Skype. Simply upload the programme.

Anne sends a link & does a trial run with you online before starting.

Just so you know how the system works & which buttons to press in class.

What if I have to miss a class?

If this happens due to illness or travel, this can be made up later. 

Simply notify Anne of any changes the night before.

What about an injury?

If recovering from an operation or recent injury do notify Anne.

Options can be discussed in a private 1-1 online.

The chair class is ideal for a shorter, gentle practice for recovery.

Plus this is where the props excel...adapting poses for ease.

What if I am not very bendy?

You dont have to be flexible to do yoga.

Everyone is working with something.

With support all movements can be catered for.

This aids a safe & aligned outcome for mobility.

Can I have a private class?

Yes...some students prefer individual sessions. 

It costs more but can be arranged.

Included in your term fees is ONE private class.

This can be used for help in a specific area. ​


What do I wear and do I need any other gear?

Wear something comfortable like light trackpants, tights and a tee-shirt. Bare feet.

You need a yoga mat, rectangular bolster, chair, 2 x flat blocks.

Plus a strap and blanket for the restful pose at the end.

Anne helps with buying any kit due to great teacher discounts with Yogamatters.

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